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6 MW HELMKE FULL LOAD TEST FIELDTo meet customers requirements and HELMKE's aspiration to work always with state of the art technologies, the HELMKE Group has invested in a new testing field on its location in Pulversheim, France. The testing field is also available for final customer inspections and external testing orders.[ [more] ]

HELMKE 24/7 DELIVERY PROGRAM 5 MW SOFTSTARTER AVAILABLE FROM STOCKThe HELMKE group, with a heritage of motor and generator sales/stock­ keeping/production going back more than 90 years, is continuously investing in its production facilities and its extensive stock. [ [more] ]

INFRARED MEASURING FOR THERMOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS IN MAINTENANCE, SERVICING AND REPAIRDuring normal operation electrical components and mechanical bearing parts are warming up but are protected against overheating by constructive measures. In case of failure typical local hotspots occur which may lead to consequential damages but these can simply be identified by thermal analysis. [ [more] ]

Excerpt from our stock of high voltage motors

  • World-wide unique inventory of brand-new high voltage motors
  • More than 200 motors of the HELMKE series and of our cooperation
    partners are always available in our stock
  • All Ex n motors of our stock can be immediately modified with available Ex p devices to protection type Ex p pressurized enclosure.

Delivery from stock: Example 2

A motor failed at the premises of an industrial gas producer in Spain. HELMKE Spain registered the incidence and requested a substitute drive. Within 3 days, a squirrel cage motor was delivered directly from our stock to Spain and commissioned on site.

Type: HELMKE DWK630L-04
Power: 5.800 kW
Voltage: 10.000 V
Poles: 04
RPM: 1.492 1/min
Frequency: 50 Hz

Delivery from stock: Example 3

Delivery of motor and transformer after a breakdown in the chemical industry. Goods were dispatched two days after order intake. Delivery incl. oil transformer (5 MVA,
10.000 V).

Type: HELMKE DWK560-02
Power: 3.700 kW
Voltage: 6.000 V
RPM: 2.980 1/min
Protection type: IP 55
Frequency: 50 Hz

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