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13.12.2017 Fábrica nueva en SarstedtEn la sede principal en Sarstedt construimos en combinación con los edificios existentes una fábrica nueva para la producción de máquinas grandes.[ [Leer más] ]

SISTEMAS DE ACCIONAMIENTO – BAJO RESPONSABILIDAD COMPLETA DE HELMKEHELMKE es conocida mundialmente como suministrador competente para sistemas de accionamiento completos. Los gabinetes de variadores diseñados por HELMKE se construyen y se fabrican refiriéndose a las aplicaciones de los clientes y a su sector.[ [Leer más] ]


During normal operation electrical components and mechanical bearing parts are warming up but are protected against overheating by constructive measures. In case of failure typical local hotspots occur which may lead to consequential damages but these can simply be identified by thermal analysis. 

The thermal surface conditon can be measured by using non-contact infrared technology. Thermography is an imaging method which measures the surface temperature of complete units showing a coloured image. Hotspots can be identified quickly and easily. These measurements do not affect the operation and it is not necessary to switch off the electric supply. 

Comprehensive knowledge regarding the fuction and general thermal aspects of the object are required in order to evaluate the thermographic pictures and to distinguish correctly between failure hotspots and warming during operation and to analyse trends. 

By own construction of electrical machines and components, examinations during production and repair as well as service at site our specialists have this experience. Short- and medium-term recommendations for action prevent a breakdown or damage especially of the equipment in operation. 

Special constructions support this maintenance and analysis method already when designing the machine by providing access possiblities to the area to be monitored and by installing infrared-transparent inspection windows. 

Typical feasible diagnosis:

  • loose screw connections 
  • damaged or incorrect carried out soldered connection
  • loose crimp connections 
  • unequal power distribution 
  • defaults and damages in laminations of electrical machines 
  • condition of bearings and lubricants
  • condition of bearing sealings