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04.06.2018 [ [more] ]

New Factory in SarstedtIn addition to the existing plant, a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is under construction at the HELMKE site in Sarstedt (near Hannover, Germany).[ [more] ]

Drive systems - engineered by HELMKEHELMKE is a worldwide acknowledged competence for the delivery of complete drive systems. The converter cabinets engineered by HELMKE are projected and manufactured for customized and branch-specific applications.[ [more] ]

Tailor made motors - responding to customers needs

Our particular strengths

Tailor-made motors – design, manufacture and reverse engineering of rotating machines. HELMKE is a leading specialist in manufacture of bespoke, 'non catalogue' electrical machines. Flexible manufacturing procedures allow customer specific products which will perform in the most demanding environments:

  • Reduced losses for optimized efficiencies
  • Design for low noise emissions
  • Low starting currents while maintaining high starting torque
  • Keyed bar rotor cage construction providing extremely rugged rotor construction
  • Design flexibility
  • Optimised stator and rotor slot numbers, independently selectable

HELMKE can offer direct 'drop in' replacements while matching the existing machine parameters.

Reverse Engineering of a high voltage motor
    • Motor for replacement in an existing application in a power plant in Scotland
    • Technical data: 3,500 HP (2,610 kW); 3,300 V; 10-pole; IC 611 or comparable (air-to-air heat exchanger)
    • Refurnish: motor frame, sleeve bearings, terminals and terminal box
    • Adaptation: of motor voltage, of motor shaft
    • Change from IC 01 (open circuit ventilation) to air-to-air heat-exchanger without reduction of motor output power

    Three-phase squirrel-cage motor for a coal power station
    • Germany
    • Type DKK900-16
    • Technical data:
      • 500 kW, 10.000 V, ± 10%, 50 Hz, ± 2%
      • Speed 369 rpm (16-poles)
      • IM B3, IP 55, IC 666
    • Mechanical and electrical drop-in re-construction.
    • The HELMKE motor is mounted between the driving machine and a 1500 kW motor. By reason of the high mass moment of inertia of the working machine the motor is functioning as a starting aid  for the 1500 kW motor.
    • Once the working machine has finished start-up, the 1500 kW motor is switched in and the 500 kW motor switched off. The 500 kW motor is mechanically designed to  run in parallel then at off-circuit with double speed.
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