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05.05.2017 HELMKE - Hannover Fair 2017 Electrical Machines and Drives expertise and innovation since 1922 [ [more] ]

6 MW HELMKE FULL LOAD TEST FIELDTo meet customers requirements and HELMKE's aspiration to work always with state of the art technologies, the HELMKE Group has invested in a new testing field on its location in Pulversheim, France. The testing field is also available for final customer inspections and external testing orders.[ [more] ]

HELMKE 24/7 DELIVERY PROGRAM 5 MW SOFTSTARTER AVAILABLE FROM STOCKThe HELMKE group, with a heritage of motor and generator sales/stock­ keeping/production going back more than 90 years, is continuously investing in its production facilities and its extensive stock. [ [more] ]

Large / special motors

Our particular strengths

Tailor-made motors – design, manufacture and reverse engineering of rotating
machines. HELMKE is specialised in made to specification motors. HELMKE can offer direct 'drop-in' replacements for their own or other manufacturer machines. Through application of motors with higher power rating, but identical dimensions and mounting, the turnover and efficiency of the user’s plant will be increased significantly. Flexible manufacturing procedures allow customer specific products which will perform in the most demanding environments:

  • Reduced losses for optimized efficiencies
  • Design for low noise emissions
  • Low starting currents while maintaining high starting torque
  • Keyed bar rotor cage construction providing extremely rugged rotor construction
  • Design flexibility
  • Optimised stator and rotor slot numbers, independently selectable

Ball mill drive
  • Sweden
  • Technical Data:
    4,700 kW; 6,600 V; 50 Hz; 991 1/min
  • 2nd shaft end for rated torque
  • Special design with sleeve bearings and
    hydrostatic for starting and positioning
    of the mill
  • Electrically and mechanically
    exchangeable to existing ASEA motors
  • Air-/water heat-exchanger with
    leakage-water detector
  • Starpoint terminal box with differential
    protection transformers

Reserve motor for a blower drive
  • In Germany
  • Three-phase squirrel cage motor
  • DOR 355-04 
  • Technical Data:
    • 400 kW; 5,000 V
    • 50 Hz; 04-pole
  • IM B3 / IP 55 / IC 411 
  • Adaptation of a standard DOR motor to the foot sizes of an existing motor, incl. adaptation of the position of the terminal box

Raw mill drive for a cement plant
  • Type: DWK900-04
  • Technical data:
    • 10,000 kW; 10 kV
    • 04-pole, 50 Hz
    • IM 1002, IC 81W
  • Sleeve bearing with flood-oil lubrication an Bently Nevada Monitoring completely exchangeable to existing motor
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